We dream of a church that obsesses about the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We will demonstrate this through friends sharing life with their unsaved friends leading to opportunities

to share the gospel and seeing our friends come to faith.

We dream of a church that is intentionally multi-ethnic.

We will purposefully pursue cross-cultural relationships and seek to understand cultures outside of ours

to love others and count others more significant than ourselves (Phil. 2:3-4).

We dream of a church where no member stands alone. Every member will be nurtured and nourished in “Bridge groups” that embody fellowship, love, encouragement, pastoral care and accountability.

We dream of a church where every member is a contributor and not just a consumer.

Every member will serve in an area of ministry that is compatible with their calling, skills, talents and abilities.

This also will be shown through regular, sacrificial and generous giving.

We dream of a church that is also diverse economically, generationally and culturally.

We will do this by accepting all people but also intentionally pursuing people from every background and walk of life. We will strategically provide opportunities to

celebrate multiple cultures through ethnic meals, the arts and other creative means.

We dream of a church that transforms its city by partnering with other churches, non-profits, and government agencies to eliminate poverty, empty our foster care system, reduce crime, restore the family unit and fix our educational system.

We dream of a church that plants other multi-ethnic churches in our city, county, country, and the world.