Bridge Groups

Bridge Group volunteers help in their individual Bridge Groups. If you're not connected with a group, but would like to be, visit our Bridge Groups page here.

We'd love to have you volunteer in your Bridge Group!

Bridge Group Leader Responsibilities (elder appointed)

  • Lead weekly sermon-based small group (should be more of a facilitator)
  • Pray for group members multiple times per week
  • Coordinate ways to care of group members in crisis (i.e., sickness, bereavement, etc.)
  • Train an apprentice who can leader their own group in the future
  • Document attendance in church management software (Planning Center Online)
  • Communicate meeting days, time, and location

Bridge Group Apprentice Responsibilities (elder appointed)

  • Submit to a Bridge Group Leader through training
  • Meet with Bridge Group leader for coaching, feedback, and spiritual development
  • Lead group when assigned to prepare for starting a new Bridge Group in the future

Prayer Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Record prayer requests and send to group

Meal Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Coordinate meals through Perfect Potluck or other avenue at a frequency the group chooses

Service Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Plan bi-monthly service projects for the group

Missions Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Communicate with assigned missionary(ies) and be a liaison for the small group with the missionary

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