Our hospitality team ensures you are greeted warmly and have a hot drink in your hand when you arrive to church Sunday morning!

We'd love to have you on our team!

Hospitality Bar Responsibilities

  • Set up coffee/tea bar (arrive around 9:15am)
  • Greet people warmly and help with needs at the bar
  • Stay at post until second song
  • Clean up after service

Usher Responsibilities

  • Restock chairs with envelopes, Bridge Cards, and pens (arrive at 9:40am, be ready by 9:55am)
  • Put Worship Guides on chairs
  • Warmly welcome at worship center doors
  • Walk or direct people to critical areas (bathroom/nursery)
  • Stay at post through service
  • Close/block door during communion, prayer, and scripture
  • After service collect unused Worship Guides

Front Door Greeter Responsibilities

  • Open doors
  • Warmly welcome people coming into church
  • Direct people to Worship Center
  • Stay at post through service
  • Address wandering during service or guests coming in after service has started

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