Membership Covenant

Membership within a local church carries both privileges and responsibilities. Members of the Church are held accountable to the responsibilities of general Christian obligations comprehensively though not exhaustively outlined within the church’s Membership Covenant.


These responsibilities include praying for and pursuing both corporate health and individual holiness. In signing the Membership Covenant, members attest that they have completed the membership process as instructed, read the Membership Covenant, and are willingly covenanting:

A.    to follow the command of Jesus Christ by participating in the ordinances prescribed to His Church:

      1.     by being baptized after conversion.

      2.     by regularly remembering and celebrating the person and work of Christ through communion.

B.    to regularly attend corporate worship gatherings.

C.    to participate in Bridge Groups for the purposes of spiritual formation, care, encouragement, and accountability (a person may fulfill this responsibility by engaging in a one-on-one discipling relationship by permission of a pastoral staff member).

D.    to live with a missional posture by pursuing and developing relationships with the lost and sharing the gospel as led by the Holy Spirit.

E.    to support the ministry of the church with one’s finances by giving regularly and generously.

F.    to protect the unity of the church by not engaging in slander or gossip of others and by dealing with conflict as prescribed in Matthew 18:15-20 and Matthew 5:23-26.

G.   to submit to the Elders and other appointed leaders of the church.

H.    to serve in at least one ministry of the church.

I.      to submit to church discipline where sin is evident, the hope of such discipline being repentance and restoration.

J.     to attend church-wide member meetings when called.

K.    to do the following should one leave the church for righteous reasons:

     1.     to notify the appropriate staff member.

     2.     to seek another church with which one can carry out one’s biblical responsibilities as a believer.