Security Team

The Security Team helps keep us safe on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in serving on the security team, 

you can fill out the application here.

Security Team Responsibilities

Team members should be willing to serve one week a month (ideally every other month if we have enough volunteers). 

There will be two security team members serving every Sunday.

Team Member #1 Duties

  • Unlocks the buildings
  • Directs overflow parking
  • Assists those crossing the street
  • Patrols outdoors between services (may listen to service livestream during patrol)
  • Monitors and responds to unusual activity on the church grounds

Team Member #2 Responsibilities

  • Stands in the back during service
  • Assists individuals who need help being seated
  • Conducts a headcount of all present in the sanctuary
  • Monitors and responds to unusual activity in the sanctuary
  • Locks the buildings

Sign me up! I'd love to serve!